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Who is Jessica?

Jessica Dorsey-Swales is a master loctician, mentor, and teacher with a heart for all things locs, and all things beauty, and founder of Glory by Nature, LLC. Jessica became a loctician in 2012, a Certified Sisterlock Consultant in 2014 and received for Cosmetology License from Blades Hair School of Design in California, Maryland in 2018.

From playing with dolls as an adolescent to styling cousins and friends' hair as a young adult, Jessica has always had a "thing" for hair. It continued as an enjoyable hobby while she pursued a career in administration and customer service. But, in 2010 her hobby would soon catapult into something more after beginning her own hair journey in Sisterlocks. It was then that she knew her love for natural hair would take precedence over her administrative occupation and transition from more than a hobby to a focal point of her career.

Jessica founded Glory by Nature in 2014 and began offering mobile hair styling services across the state of Maryland. In February 2016, she then took a leap of faith and opened a natural hair care studio out of her home. Although her main operation in now stationary, she still loves to travel and provide mobile services to clients as the need arises.

Not your average master stylist and beauty aficionado, Jessica rather pulls her inspiration from a deeper reservoir - a place of healing, love, and restoration. She finds it a privilege to help heal and restore her clients through the word of God, positive affirmation, and the beauty of hair, make-up, and fashion. In fact, her personal vision is to help liberate people to embrace their raw self through how they look, dress, and of course the style of the hair. She is constantly on a mission to help others grow, and find great joy from pouring into the lives of those within her realm of influence - be it in the styling chair or others with whom she interacts.

“GIFTED to perform good works through the Glory [hair] of my clients.” ~Jessica

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