What can I do with my hair once it's all Natural?
Once your hair is completely natural and between 2-3 inches you can do a comb twist out, two strand twists, cornrows, or other natural styles. Another option is to wear extension styles until your hair grows to a length that is comfortable for you. As your hair grows, you will have many other styling options to choose from. For those of you who might be considering locs, they can be started at as little as 2 inches, 2.5 for SisterlocksTM. It is never too late to start locs! Most importantly natural hair is a journey and the journey is different for each person. Just try to embrace and love each stage of your natural hair because it is you!

What styles can I wear while transitioning?
Because of your hair being natural and relaxed, it will be very fragile. Hair that has been used to getting relaxed on a regular basis can break if not cared for during the transition period. A line of demarcation will form where you will be able to clearly see the two textures. In order to style and blend the two textures I suggest either a straw set or twist set to give a curly/wavy look all over. Extensions are also an option such as crochet braiding. This gives you a natural look prior to having 100% natural hair. Do NOT use heavy gels or pull your hair into tight pony tails. Let your hair grow in with the least amount of stress as possible.

What products should I use?
As your natural hair grows it’s now time to get rid of the products you used to use for relaxed hair. Use shampoos that do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfates. This is a harsh lathering detergent that is very drying to natural hair. There are many natural shampoos that don’t contain any sulfates. Do not use products containing petroleum, mineral oils, and alcohol as one of the first ingredients. Essential oils are best for the scalp and hair. To start with you need a shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, leave in conditioner and whatever styling products you need for your specific style. 

Why is my hair so dry?
CONDITION! During this time you must do deep conditioning treatments on a regular basis (twice a month is good), steam treatments and masks are also good to keep the hair cuticles moisturized while it grows. Some people find that co-washing or using conditioner instead of shampoo contributes to softer more supple hair. Beware of build up, make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly with each technique you decide.

What are the different ways to transition?
Some prefer to do the “Big Chop” to remove the relaxer. The thought of wearing a short natural is scary to some, but it looks beautiful and uniquely worn with hair accessories! Others prefer the "grow and trim" method, cutting off the relaxer a little bit at a time. Remember your will not revert your hair to its natural state, it has to be removed by cutting. As your natural hair grows the relaxer will still be on the ends even 2 years without one!